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Ometv is established to help you find new friends in the easiest way. You can chat at any time by entering this site. You can make new friends fom Switzerland.Ometvonline matches you to the people of the country you want. And you can enjoy video chat with these people from Switzerland or any country. Ometv was established as an alternative to yuyyuTV. Choose the language and country you want to talk to. And start chatting with video or text. Here you can find a lot of fun and interesting people. You can improve yourself by speaking different languages.

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Of course there are some rules for all of these:

*You cannot appear naked on the screen.
*You should talk to people respectfully.
*Don’t trust people you don’t know too much.
*Do not share personal information with people you do not know.
*Don’t give your email address or phone number to people you don’t know.


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