Omegle Chat – How To Handle An Omegle Ban?

After the launch in 2009, Omegle has become one of the leading global chat platforms. The website is used daily for a variety of reasons – to make new friends, to share with others about common interests or to exchange inappropriate content. However, for whatever reason they use it, many honest users fall victim to the local permanent ban.

As mentioned earlier, the site is used for offensive activities – something that violates regulations and does not take Omegle lightly. Even though there is an age restriction, users do not need to verify their age so that the moderators do not have many chances of blocking. But let’s say you use the platform with a clear conscience. Just because you use the website correctly does not mean that you can not be banned anyway.

Omegle Information, Review and Guide

It’s really not hard to get around a lock. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) not only provides users with a secure and anonymous connection through their ISP (Internet Service Provider), but also connects to private VPN servers around the world. This means that people can bypass the geo-barriers by changing their IP address to that of another country. With Omegle, a VPN can help you get around the lock because Omegle identifies you and blocks access based on your IP address. So, if you’re just constantly changing the location of the server you’re connected to, you can bypass the lock. A lock on Omegle can have many reasons. Some of them may sound weird – below we’ve put together a few.

Reasons for an Omegle Ban

They are constantly dismissed: If nobody accepts their chats, the moderators get it. Whether you need to work on your conversational skills or just provoke people, the likelihood that you will be blocked by the website is quite high. Their dislike of nonsense, which dominates their website, coupled with the high number of users they need to moderate, means they are likely to be banned from the very first offense.

You have been reported: This is the most common reason why users are banned. Obviously provoking people or sexual content is a violation of the guidelines. So you’ll be safely reported and banned, no matter how long you manage to get around it. If a user notifies you, simply because he wants to provoke other Omegle users, you will likely be banned as well. Why should the moderators waste their time looking at every single message when they just have to snap their finger to block a user?

They violated the rules: although few people read T & Cs, the consequences are close to zero. But on Omegle it’s not hard to break the rules. They have the typical rules that exclude nudity, spam and disrespect and contempt for others, but there are also many that can be broken quickly. For example, playing music or any other form of audio in the background is not allowed.

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