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Are you still chatting on social media platforms and finding friends? Generally, many people prefer to make friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Aren’t you tired of seeing the same people? offers you the chance to find new friends and chat in different languages, religions and cultures from around the world.

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Free software with the most popular free online chat site ometv, despite the mobile applications offered, software written with the advanced technology of the last years.

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Omegle Alternative Chat

We humans are inherently social and often can’t live without interacting with other people. This is one of the main reasons free chat websites are now opening up in the market.

Free chat websites have become a trend nowadays, especially for young people and people who do not have a romantic relationship. One of the most popular chat sites is Omegle.

This free chat site focuses on socialising with random strangers, depending on your likes and similarities. This site allows users to chat via flat chat and video calling. The best feature of this website is that it will allow users to socialise with other users without revealing their identity too much.

However, there are still drawbacks in the use of Omegle, and it also becomes overpopulated. Scroll down to look for more Omegle alternatives to explore new free chat websites. The following sites are also available for Android and iOS devices, and some have even created a mobile app version.

Alternative Sites to Ometv:

Below we have prepared websites like omegle and ometv for you. You can start chatting by selecting any one of you.

The Best Omegle Video Chat Alternative Sites :

Yuyyu Chat

A new Artificial Intelligence that matches Love, Marriage and Sexuality according to your zodiac signs. It brings together people from different countries who speak different languages. ( NO ADULT )

Yuyyu Video Chat

Chat with strangers around the globe.


Capable of filtering inappropriate actions.


Allows people to create their own chat rooms.


It offers random live video and written chat rooms.


Offers multiple language support.


Offers secure anonymous and video chat site service.

Hey People
Space Video Chat:

Set up a chat room with planet names, meet new people.

Space Video Chat